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ImprovE @ Bivsi

15. Oktobar 2014. Bivši Bar. ImprovE 2.22. Fight night. ROUND 1: Gastarbeiter vs Stang. ROUND 2: Lobotune vs Filtercutter. ROUND 3: Emily joins us on accordion. VERDICT: We all shake hands and part as friends. We got your recording of Round 1 right here. Post-production: Igor…

New Track – Sedmina

I composed a track for this year’s Zvučne šetnje Savamalom (Savamala Soundwalk, if you don’t speak Serbian), made out of sounds sampled from a walk along Karađorđeva (with some additional samples from Freesound). “Sedmina” means “Seventh”, but it also means something else.

New track – Da Silva

Imagine that you’re trapped on a cruise ship floating in the middle of the ocean at night. You’re the only person on board, and there’s a light in the distance. This is polyrhythmic paranoia.

New track – Welcome to Fretstable

Alice Coltrane gets completely twisted in this track, with unrecognisable guest vocals from Marija Draskic. This is my hymn to the information age.

New track – The Soul Machine at Work

I was digging in my hard drives when I found the stems for this track – all the samples lined up with nowhere to go. Half a day later, and I got the Soul Machine to work….